Creative Trade Mark

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The Botanic

The Botanic packaging design is original down to the unique handmade wooden lid that tops each container. Each lid is handcrafted from select wood from the linden tree.

The label design incorporates a hexagon shape, a shape found in nature (like hexagonal snowflakes) and very reminiscent of the honeycomb. The hexagonal shape is prevalent in nature and it’s considered the strongest shape known. Bees use the hexagonal shape in the honeycomb, a precisely interlaced network of wax cells, to collect the honey they produce, and the shape is naturally highly evocative of honeybees. Such a honey label design truly reflects harmony with nature.

Honey labels are printed by Elegante Press on premium dark green label paper and are embellished with gold foil, which connotes luxury. The label is enhanced by multi-level debossing and die-cut in a specific shape. The matte silkscreen and clear gloss foil elements on the label were chosen to speak to an upgraded experience and they provide contrast on the darker green background. Packaging also includes double-sided folded hangtag with description of the product, which is printed on same, but thicker dark green uncoated premium paper.

This sample perfectly illustrates that even products, that are released in small batches, can be packaged in good designed package, which is produced by using really high quality materials.⁣⁣