Creative Trade Mark

Laisves al. 82, LT44250 Kaunas, Lithuania +37068632320

Kaisiadoriu Poultry farm

The packaging design essential is that your main symbol as visual element must be something that sticks in people’s memory. People see hundreds, if not thousands, of visual elements each day and there are very important that people remember exactly yours in market. Illustration of Chicken head in drawing style are the main success key of this packaging. Its just simply nice looking and very great to remembering for identify product you want to buy. The whole design concept is built around the appropriate main character and bright green color run in good associate with the fresh poultry. The image of chicken in macro detail supports the name of producer Kaisiadoriu Poultry farm by KG GROUP and helps to create a holistic and stylish appearance of the brand. Packaging stands out for its refreshing and emotionality and an unusual approach to a fresh build up attract the attention of the target audience.