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A new product line in need of an outstanding package design – vitamins for those who value their health above everything else.
The main goal of this project was to give a cleaner look and feel that fell more in line with the proposition. Instant certainty – the product type, purpose, and benefits must be very easy and quick to identify.
So we desired introducing strong, bright colors with focus on the first letter of vitamin to ensure clarity and ease to remember.
The brand name AMBERMIX designed with silver metalic foil’s line around it and it’s looking pretty well on the white matt background.
We used the matte film with a pearl effect, spiced it up with elegant glossy film elements, and designed a special secure lid to ensure the bottle won’t ever open accidentally. Every detail is intended to communicate reliability that’s characteristic to high-end medical products. The users identify AMBERMIX with safety and quality, and the aesthetic package design makes the product noticeable at first sight even on the fullest of shelves.

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