Creative Trade Mark

Laisves al. 82, LT44250 Kaunas, Lithuania +37068632320
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We are a company that specializes in branding and packaging. Our vast 25 years of experience in advertising business has enabled us to become the best there is in the market. Presently, we aim to find the excellent Design and Strategic solutions to our clients. The team of experts at our packaging company does this through analytic thinking, intuition, and reasonable emotions. This ensures that we create innovative, astonishing ideas that our experts accurately formulate and implement. Our company’s greatest ambition is to create an impact that gives our clients exclusiveness in the entire market.
With the passion for our work at Creative Trade Mark, we promise our customers maximum quality and value for their money.


The desire to improve and grow together with our customers and partners encourages us to learn and search innovation. We do not relent to acquire more knowledge and skills to serve our clients. Apparently, we never stop at the reach. Instead, we maintain the enthusiasm and go forward in accepting the challenges and finding the most viable solutions.


We strive to understand our customers in all aspects ranging from what exactly they want to what they expect from the company. Moreover, we engage with our customers to get feedback about the kind of service they got in comparison to what they wanted. This is vital to us since customer needs and preference is our number one priority. We do all it takes to understand what our customers want in order to offer the best. Additionally, we try our best to adopt creative solutions that may be brought in by our clients to satisfy their needs, generate added value and maximum comfort. At all times, we always endeavor for balance and sophistication for swift communication inside and outside of the Brand.

Intuition and the moment

In everything we do, we believe that we should always have special ideas to inspire and drive us forward. Intuition to understand and apply the ideas gives gladness and makes life fun. Creative people will concur that ideas get a person out of bed at night, stop and fix the moment while driving, playing tennis or just walking. At our company, we take intuition to be a great way to surprise customers with the results of our creative processes.


We believe that meticulous performance and conceptual creative design are an integral part of a strong brand. We have faith that our service is satisfying for our clients. Even more, we also believe that we are continually making our service better.


At Creative Trade Mark, we are committed to what we do. We value the tasks that customers trust us to do and deliver quality results. Every opportunity that clients give us to serve is a chance to show our devotion to our work. At all time, we value and understand the importance of the work entrusted to us. Notably, we feel obliged to perform the task qualitatively, professionally and within the agreed deadlines.


Our company is a conscientious partner and ensures professional cooperation with all our clients. We uphold commitment and the principles of confidentiality are values without which our business would not be in existence. We understand the essence of maintaining honestly in customer relationship management.