Creative Trade Mark

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KG Group

While creating any package design we hear customers’ expectations and look at the result through buyers eyes, pursuing for the package to offer more than one creative solution and to satisfy several customer’s needs. Package line for “Kaišiadorių paukštynas” is a story of multi-success.
Country customs, time-tested values and years of traditions are encoded into unique graphic design illustration, which resettles into an idealistic countryside. Eloquent communication of contrasting colors focuses the view onto the product’s outstanding features and emphasizes its added value. Package design dwells with care and sincerity, because a central element of a package is a distinctive heart-shaped window. The buyer feels safe while buying the product, can visually see and inspect the content of the package. Evidently seen quality of the product is an identity of producer’s transparency, honesty and openness.
Due to the multifunctionality of the package design we managed to create an universal brand design style that fits the whole product line of the customer. Such solution saves package costs, reduces package stock and effectively expands vizual occupation of product’s shelfs through constant repetition in different places. Created sticker system for individualized product’s information blends harmoniously into a package as a whole, while special matt-paper print imitation “speaks” about naturalness and is pleasant to touch.