Creative Trade Mark

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How we work

Whether you are a small, a medium-sized or a large business, we are a packaging agency with extensive experience that we can utilise to help your company identify, work towards and achieve its goals. We understand that stand-out packaging design is an integral part of your company’s unique position in the marketplace. However, we also appreciate the fine line that lies between using strategic branding to reflect the expectations of existing customers while also using it to widen the client base. We aim to help you walk this line with consummate ease thanks to a collaborative and creative process, in which we make your goals our goals. Needless to say, our online chat facility means that we are always available to discuss any question or concern.

Intuitive thinking and creativity

Graphic design is a language in its own right – and the team of experts at our package design company start every new task with a comprehensive analysis of the relevant brand’s internal and external communication. Integral to this is a full evaluation of the product’s place in the market, its competitors and an analysis of the demands and desires of the relevant consumers. The resulting data is fed into the ensuing creative process. As part of this, we will identify guidelines for labelling and packaging design and also for the ongoing evolution of the brand.

Intuitive thinking and the ability to zero in on valuable and useful creative ideas make it possible for us focus on the brand design at hand and look at it creatively and holistically. Meanwhile, the cornerstone to every project is our belief that we are looking for original ideas that will inspire customers and solve their problems.


Design it!

Our creative process comes without any headaches for you. We take care of every stage relating to the implementation of the ideas that we will have agreed with you. Consequently, if your business chooses our branding / packaging services, you can be sure that the creative solutions we produce fully reflect your expectations. Incorporating the latest trends in graphic design, product packaging materials and technological innovation, you can look forward to receiving a complete graphic design package that includes all 3D visualisations and professionally-completed master-files. As part of this, we will create new or updated packaging that delivers the values and ethos of your company and its brand. With research showing that excellent packaging design not only boosts sales but also opens doors to new markets, why not use our 3D photovisualisations of your new packaging to present to trading partners or prospective customers?

Finally, with more than 25 years of collaborative experience with printing companies, we have the skills, contacts and know-how to solve any technical issues that arise during professional-level production, whether that is in print production, packaging or label printing, or postage printing.


Pride and inspiration

We are as proud of our customers’ successes as we are of our own market-leading design abilities. Together, they continue to inspire us to search out new and enhanced benefits for our clients’ brands.